Non-Skid Equipment for MIL-PRF-24667 Deck Coatings

Conforms to CID A-A-59982

PENTECH, INC., in conjunction with the Naval Research Laboratory, designed complete systems to spray all MIL-PRF-24667 nonskid deck coatings as well as other grades of commercial non-skids coatings.

Quick Assembly – Easy Operation – Rapid Clean Up

Proven Performance – Fast and Uniform Spray

The S6MM and VS3MM Series of non-skid spray systems are designed, manufactured, and approved to spray apply MIL-PRF-24667 non-skid deck coatings for use aboard naval and commercial vessels.

These machines spray apply a very uniform non-skid / no-slip surface that provides superior traction and significantly improves personnel safety.

Their operating and application performance has been demonstrated during numerous applications aboard LPD’s, LSD”s, DDG’s and SSGN’s.

The units feature Quick Assembly, Easy Operation, and Rapid Clean-Up, enabling their use for an infinite list of commercial applications as well:
Fishing Vessels, Oil Tankers, Tug Boats, Barges, Car Ferries, Off-Shore Oil Rigs …
Wherever a safe, uniform non-skid surface is required.


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Developed in collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory.