Fast and Uniform Spray Application of MIL-PRF-24667 Deck Coatings

The smaller, lighter, no electric Non-Skid Spray System.
Easily Access Hard to Reach Areas

The VS3MM was initially designed to be a portable touch up machine to complement the S6MM. It has since proven to be more capable and superior to its predecessors.
Eliminating the electronics made the unit smaller, simpler, and more durable. This change had an additional unintended benefit of reducing the overall cost of the spray pump.

  • Technical Information:

    24” L x 15” W x 17” H
    Weight: 93.5 Lbs. Machine Only
    Power: Air Only, 125 PSI, 110 CFM
    Hose Length: 25 Ft. (Longer lengths can be special ordered)
    Funnel Capacity: 3 or 6 Gallons

  • Comes ready to spray, just use your Air Compressor and Non-Skid.
    The VS3MM comes complete with all you need for two applications of Non-Skid.

    All parts, tools, and accessories available individually.

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