Sprayable Non-Skid Equipment

Nonskid Sprayed vs Rolled

Non-skid deck coatings in the past have typically been roll applied by using a napless, phenolic roller mounted on a pole, or broadcasting grit onto a painted surface. While these methods did provide a decent non-skid surface, it is a very slow, labor intensive process. Depending on the number of applicators and their skill level, a deck section could have a number of visible variations. The variations are usually ridge appearance, inconsistent coverage, as well as voids and thinly coated areas between the ridges.


Pentech Inc., in conjunction with the Naval Research Laboratory, developed, tested, and is now manufacturing equipment to economically spray non-skid deck coatings. During the multiple years of development many types of pressure pots, pumps, and sprayings devices were tested, evaluated, and eliminated. This effort has resulted in a very rugged, simple to use and maintain, machine capable of spray applying all commercially available MIL-PRF 24667 non-skid coatings.


Pentech’s equipment has applied non-skid deck coatings according to Naval Specification’s aboard many Surface Combatants and Submarines. (DDG’s LSD’s, LPD’s and SSGN’s) and commercial vessels. Non-skid sprayed with our equipment has shown no visible corrosion seepage after 3 years of exposure on ships decks. After 4 years of submarine service, no change in appearance or performance was reported.


The VS3MM Nonskid Spray Machine:
• Simple to operate and maintain
• Quick and easy to disassemble and clean
• Sprays a uniform textured surface.
• Sprays larger aggregate without clogging
• No stoppage of work to re-fill material supply
• Increased coverage

  • (Rolled – 18 – 30 sq. ft. per gallon)
  • (Sprayed – 30 – 40 sq. ft. per gallon)

• Reduced application time (Roughly half of rolled application)
• Enables a more aggressive surface profile to be applied
Sprayed nonskid has:
• Provides high coefficient of friction and excellent surface profile
• Homogenous uniform coating helps prevent corrosion seepage
• Uniform grit height wears more evenly than the ridges and peaks in rolled non-skid.

Spray Nonskid USS Laboon DDG-58
Photographs courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

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