Meet Our Team

Our company is built on the principles of manufacturing and providing quality products and dependable service.

  • We utilize real world experience gained over 30 years in the coatings industry.
  • We have a highly skilled team with many years of engineering, design, and production experience.
  • Our goal is simple – Provide outstanding equipment and customer service.

Our Diversified Product Offering Will Continue to Grow By:

  • Understanding the needs of our industry.
  • Designing and producing equipment that answers those needs.
  • Constantly improving our standard products.
  • Listening to the customer.

Our Customers:

  • Coatings and Foam Contractors
  • Coatings and Foam Formulators
  • OEM’s
  • Government Agencies

Services & Products:

Pentech Spray Guns

Designed and Crafted by Pentech INC

Graco Plural Component Spray Equipment

Foam | Coatings | Parts | Accessories

Nonskid Equipment

Nonskid Spray Machines | Nonskid Mixer


3D Solid Modeling


Equipment Operation and Maintainance

Machining and Fabrication Facility

CNC Machining | Grinding | Welding and Fabrication

Custom Spray Equiptment

Spray Equipment Optimized for the Customers Specific Application and Process

Research and Development

Our team has been very successful in a varied array of programs and projects.

Coatings Application Lab

Specialized Coating Application | Equipment Test and Evaluation | Sample Parts Urethane, Polyurea, and Epoxy Coatings

Surface Preparation Facility

Media Blasting | Laser Surface Profile Measurement | Coating Test Panels