High Pressure, Plural Component, Direct Impingement Mix, Mechanical Purge

The Gun for bigger jobs. Same simple operation, setup, and maintenance as the MG gun, the BD gun is used when very controllable high output is desired.

  • Technical Information:


    • Simple operation, easy set-up and maintenance
    • Versatile – Sprays Polyurea Coatings, Urethane, and Spray Foams
    • Inexpensive to service, industries lowest rebuild cost
    • Less than 5 minute clean up at the end of the day
    • Requires 3 minutes to change PCD
    • Will dispense materials at 1:1 through 4:1 ratios
    • Round Spray Pattern, Variable Flow rates from 1 lb/min to 40 lbs/min
    • Excellent Mix
    • Lowest Cost Mix Package (pattern control disc mix module)
    • Adapter blocks and fittings to connect to any make of proportioner
    • Coupling Block with material shut-off valves allows leakage free disconnect from gun
    • Extremely flexible 24” whip hose assembly
    • Valving Rod & PCD require no adjustment
    • Rebuild-able check valves

    Pentech BD Spray Gun


    • Shipboard / Offshore
    • Refinery / Pipe / Tank
    • Bridge / Architectural
    • Truck Bed Liners
    • Automotive Ground Effects
    • Secondary containment
    • In Mold Coatings, Scenic Theaming
    • Foam Insulation and Roofing
    • EPS hard-coating


    • Introduced in 2007
    • High Pressure, Plural Component, Direct Impingement Mixing, Mechanical Purge
    • Minimum Material Output: 1lb./min (.4536 kg)
    • Maximum Material Output: 40 lbs./min (18.14 kg)
    • Small Size:
      • Height: 6 3/4” (17.15 cm)
      • Width: 2 5/8” (6.67 cm)
      • Length: 4 1/4” (10.80 cm)
      • Weight: 2.5Lbs. (1.13 kg)
    • Air Requirement: 80-130 PSI (0.56 – 0.9 MPa, 5.6 – 9.0 bar)
    • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 200°F (94°C)
    • Maximum Fluid Working Pressure: 3500 psi (24.5 MPa, 245 bar)



  • ADAPTERS & FITTINGS Attaches Whip Hoses to:
    PSG7016Hose Adapter Fitting AssemblyGlascraft Style Whip Hoses
    PSG7017Hose Adapter Fitting AssemblyGraco / Gusmer Style Whip Hoses
    BD6000Adapter Block AssemblyGusmer Style Coupling Block
    BD6100Adapter Block AssemblyGraco Fusion Style Coupling Block
    BD6200Adapter Block AssemblyP-2 Side Block Assemblies
    PSG7018E10 RECIRC FITTING KITFitting for E10 Recirculation Hoses
    BD9042High Pressure Swivels
    PSG5009High Pressure Filter Swivel, With 60 Mesh Filter Cartridge

    BD8000Flush Tank Assembly 
    BD9063Grease Gun 
    BD9062Grease Cartridge 
    BD3006Air Cylinder Repair KitIncludes:
     PSG3014 O-Ring1
     BD3010 O-Ring, Piston1
     BD3008 O-Ring, Rear Cover1
    MG9940MG & BD Rebuild Kit – Coupling Block / Whip Hose Assembly 
    BD3016Start Up KitIncludes:
    BD9001-52 Mix Module, Round Pattern, .0521
    BD9003-40 PCD, Round Pattern, .0401
    PSG4003 O-Ring, Coupling Block4
    PSG2008 O-Ring4
    BD2021 Rear Seal1
    PSG2016A Basket Filter1
    MG9000Tool KitIncludes:
    BD9054Solvent Squeeze Bottle1
    PSG9012Drill Bit, 7/64″ x 6″1
    PSG9010Combination Wrench, 5/16″1
    PSG9009Nut Driver, 5/16″1
    PSG9011Pin Vise1
    MG9041Drill Bit, 1/16″1
    MG4003O-Ring, Coupling Block4

    Drills & Pin Vises  
    PSG9015Drill Index, #80 – #61 Drill Bits
    BD9015Drill Index, #60 – #41 Drill Bits
    PSG9012Drill Bit, 7/64″ x 6″For Palm Gun
    PSG9014Drill Bit, .149For MG & BD Gun
    MG9041Drill Bit, 1/16″
    PSG9011Pin Vise Small, For # 61 – #80 Drill Bits
    BD9011Pin Vise Large, For 1/16” – ¼: Drill Bits

    BD9054Solvent Squeeze Bottle
    PSG9009Nut Driver, 5/16″
    PSG9010Combination Wrench, 5/16″

    Repair Kits  
    PSG3015Trigger O-Ring Repair KitIncludes:
     PSG2005 Spring, Spool Valve Return1
     PSG2025 O-Ring, Spool Valve6
    BD5307Check Valve Repair KitIncludes:
     BD5303 Ball, .2502
     BD5302 Ball Support2
     BD5304 Snap Ring, Internal2

  • Click image for full size.

    Click image for full size.

    Item #Part #DescriptionQty.
     BD1003BD Gun PackageIncludes:
     BD2100BD Spray Gun1
     BD5300Coupling Block/Whip Hose Assembly1
     BD9000Tool Kit1
     BD2000Handle Assembly CompleteIncludes:
    2BD2003Trigger Paddle1
    3BD2002Air Cap1
    4BD2021Rear Seal1
    5PSG2004Spool Valve1
    6PSG2005Spring, Spool Valve Return1
    7PSG2006Button Head Cap Screw1
    8BD9043Grease Fitting1
    9BD9045Button Head Cap Screw1
    10BD9046Dowel Pin1
    11PSG2009Spring, Trigger Paddle1
    13PSG4003O-Ring, Coupling Block2
     PSG4003-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    14PSG2016Basket Filter2
    15BD9044Plug, Finish1
    16BD2017Air Needle Valve1
    17BD2012Air Cap Bolt3
    18BD2022Rear Seal Packing Nut1
    19BD9001-SizeModule, Mix, Round Pattern1
    20BD9003-SizePCD, Round Pattern1
    21PSG2015Socket Head Set Screw, 6 – 321
    22PSG2014Set Screw, 8 – 322
     PSG2008-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    24BD2010Trigger Guard1
     BD3000Air Cylinder AssemblyIncludes:
    7PSG2006Button Head Cap Screw, 6-322
     PSG2008-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    25BD3001BD Air Cylinder1
     PSG3014-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    27BD4000Valving Rod1
    28BD4001Valving Rod Bolt1
    29BD3010O-Ring, Piston1
     BD3010-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    30BD3007O-Ring, Rear Cover1
     BD3007-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    31BD3009Rear Cover1
    32BD9040Socket Head Set Screw4
    33BD3004Socket Head Cap Screw4
    34BD5005Air Slide Valve1
    35BD9041Whip Hose, Air1
    36PSG7008Nipple, Male QD1
    37BD3012Piston and Shaft1
     BD5300Coupling Block / Whip Hose AssemblyIncludes:
    38BD5001Coupling Block1
    39PSG5003Coupling Block Bolt1
    40PSG5500Manual Valve Assembly2
    41BD5305Check Valve2
    42BD5307Whip Hose2
     BD9000Tool KitIncludes:
     BD9054Solvent Squeeze Bottle1
     PSG9012Drill Bit, 7/64” x 6”1
     PSG9010Combination Wrench, 5/16”1
     PSG9009Nut Driver, 5/16”1
     BD9011Pin Vise, Large1
     BD9015Drill Index, #60 – #411

  • Note: BD Gun Package comes ready to spray with:
    BD9001-52 .052 Round Pattern Mix Module
    BD9003-40 .040 Round Pattern Pattern Control Disc


    Part #DescriptionApprox. Output / Pattern At 24″Number Drill SizeCleanout Drill Size
    BD9001-13Module, Mix, Round Pattern1.25-2.0 Lbs./Min.800.0135
    BD9003-24PCD, Round Pattern4-6″730.024
    BD9001-20Module, Mix, Round Pattern2.5 – 4.0 Lbs./Min.760.02
    BD9003-28PCD, Round Pattern5-8″700.028
    BD9001-52Module, Mix, Round Pattern10 – 18 Lbs./Min.550.052
    BD9003-40PCD, Round Pattern12-16″600.04
    BD9001-52Module, Mix, Round Pattern18 – 25 Lbs./Min.550.052
    BD9003-60PCD, Round Pattern14-21″530.0595
    BD9001-70Module, Mix, Round Pattern27 – 38 Lbs./Min500.07
    BD9003-89PCD, Round Pattern16-24″430.089

    Flow rates and pattern width is approximate, and will vary depending on material viscosity, temperature, and pressure.

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