Discontinued – Repair parts and accessories available

Replaced by the more capable MG Spray Gun, the Palm Gun was designed to offer a low output spray gun compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

  • Reference Information:


    • Two stage material filtration
    • Simple operation, easy set-up and maintenance
    • Versatile – Sprays Polyurea Coatings, Urethane, and Spray Foams
    • Requires 3 minutes to change PCD
    • Will dispense materials at 1:1 through 4:1 ratios
    • Round Spray Pattern, Variable Flow rates from 1 lb/min to 6 lbs/min
    • Excellent Mix
    • Lowest Cost Mix Package (pattern control disc mix module)
    • Adapter blocks and fittings to connect to any make of proportioner
    • Coupling Block with material shut-off valves allows leakage free disconnect from gun
    • Extremely flexible 36” whip hose assembly
    • Valving Rod & PCD require no adjustment

    Pentech PSG Palm Spray Gun

    Pentech PSG Palm Spray Gun


      • Introduced in 2004
      • High Pressure, Plural Component, Direct Impingement Mixing, Mechanical Purge
      • Minimum Material Output: 1lb./min (.4536 kg)
      • Maximum Material Output: 6 lbs./min (2.7 kg)
      • Small Size:
        • Height: 6” (15.24 cm)
        • Width: 2” (5.08 cm)
        • Length:3 ½” (8.89 cm)
        • Weight: 2.5Lbs. (0.79 kg)
      • Air Requirement: 100-130 PSI (0.69 – 0.9 MPa, 6.9 – 9.0 bar)
      • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 200°F (94°C)
      • Maximum Fluid Working Pressure: 3500 psi (24.5 MPa, 245 bar)



  • ADAPTERS & FITTINGS Attaches Whip Hoses to:
    PSG7016Hose Adapter Fitting AssemblyGlascraft Style Whip Hoses
    PSG7017Hose Adapter Fitting AssemblyGraco / Gusmer Style Whip Hoses
    BD6000Adapter Block AssemblyGusmer Style Coupling Block
    BD6100Adapter Block AssemblyGraco Fusion Style Coupling Block
    BD6200Adapter Block AssemblyP-2 Side Block Assemblies
    PSG7018E10 RECIRC FITTING KITFitting for E10 Recirculation Hoses
    BD9042High Pressure Swivels
    PSG5009High Pressure Filter Swivel, With 60 Mesh Filter Cartridge

    PSG8000-AFlush Tank Assembly (Recommended) 
    PSG3006Air Cylinder Repair KitIncludes:
     PSG3014 O-ring3
     PSG3008 O-ring, Front Cap1
     PSG3010 O-ring1
     PSG3011 Snap Ring, External2
     PSG3004 Pan Head Screw2
     PSG3007 Internal Snap Ring1
    PSG3016Start Up KitIncludes:
     PSG9004-24 PCD, Round Pattern, .0241
     PSG9001-13 Module, Mix, Round Pattern, .0132
     PSG2008 O-ring6
     PSG4003 O-ring, Coupling Block4
     PSG2024 Check Valve Sleeve6
     PSG2023 Check Valve Spring and Ball4
     PSG2021 Rear Seal1
     PSG5012 Cartridge Filter2
     PSG2016A Basket Filter2
    PSG9000Tool KitIncludes:
    PSG9009Nut Driver1
    PSG9010Combination Wrench1
    PSG9011Pin Vise, Small1
    PSG9015Drill Index1
    PSG9012Drill Bit, 7/641
    PSG9014Drill Bit, .1491

  • Item #Part #DescriptionQty.
     PSG1003Palm Spray Gun PackageIncludes:
     PSG2100Palm Gun Complete1
     PSG5300Coupling Block / Whip Hose Assembly, 3 Ft.1
     PSG9000Tool Kit1
     PSG100Manual, Operating and Parts Identification1

    Item #PSG9000Tool KitIncludes:
      PSG9009 Nut Driver1
      PSG9010 Combination Wrench1
      PSG9011 Pin Vise, Small1
      PSG9015 Drill Index1
      PSG9012 Drill Bit, 7/641
      PSG9014 Drill Bit, .1491

    PSG2000 Handle Assemblyt

    Item #PSG2000Handle Assembly CompleteIncludes:
    2PSG2017Air Needle Valve1
    3PSG2021Rear Seal1
    4PSG2022Rear Seal Packing Nut1
     PSG2008-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    6PSG2019Check Valve – A1
    7PSG2020Check Valve – R1
    8See Chart BelowModule, Mix1
    9See Chart BelowPCD1
    10PSG2002Air Cap1
    11PSG2012Air Cap Bolt2
    12PSG2003Trigger Paddle1
    13PSG2009Spring, Trigger Paddle1
    14PSG2005Spring, Spool Valve1
    15PSG2004Spool Valve1
    16PSG20156-32 Set Screw4
    17PSG2006Button Head Cap Screw1
    19PSG2016Basket Filter2
     PSG4003-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    21PSG20148-32 Set Screw3
    22PSG2011Dowel Pin1

    Item # Note: Palm Gun Package comes ready to spray with:
    8PSG9001-13.013 Round Pattern Mix Module
    9PSG9004-24.024 Round Pattern Pattern Control Disc

     Item #Round Spray Pattern Set Up 
    8PSG9001-13Module, Mix, Round Pattern, .013
    9PSG9003-20PCD, Round Pattern, .020 Orifice
    9PSG9004-24PCD, Round Pattern, .024 Orifice
    9PSG9020-28PCD, Round Pattern, .028 Orifice
    9PSG9021-36PCD, Round Pattern, .036 Orifice

    Item # Fan Spray Pattern Set Up
    8PSG9002-13Module, Mix, .013
    9PSG9005PCD, Fan Pattern, 6″ – 7″ Wide
    9PSG9006PCD, Fan Pattern, 7″ – 8″ Wide

    PSG3000 Air Cylinder Assemblyt

    Item #PSG3000Air Cylinder AssemblyIncludes:
    1PSG4001Valving Rod Bolt1
    2PSG4000Valving Rod1
    3PSG3005Valving Rod Cover1
    4PSG3007Internal Snap Ring1
     PSG3008-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    6PSG3009Front Cap1
     PSG3014-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
     PSG3010-PKG12 O-Rings for the price of 10 
    9PSG3011Snap Ring, External2
    11PSG3013Piston Shaft1
    12PSG2026Roll Pin2
    13PSG3001Air Cylinder1
    14PSG2006Button Head Cap Screw2
    15PSG3004Pan Head Screw2

    PSG5300 Coupling Block Whip Hose Assemblyt

    Item #PSG5300Coupling Block / Whip Hose AssemblyIncludes:
    1PSG5001Coupling Block1
    2PSG5004Pipe Plug2
    3PSG2006Button Head Cap Screw1
    4PSG5500Manual Valve2
    5PSG5003Coupling Block Bolt1
    6PSG5007Whip Hose, A or B, 3 Ft.2
    7PSG5009Filter Swivel Assembly2
    8PSG5012Cartridge Filter, 60 Mesh2
    9PSG7004Pipe Nipple1
    10PSG5013AAir/Safety Valve1
    11PSG5008AWhip Hose, Air, 3 Ft. 6″1
    12PSG7008Nipple, Male QD1

  • Note: Palm Gun Package comes ready to spray with:
    PSG9001-13 .013 Round Pattern Mix Module
    PSG9004-24 .024 Round Pattern Pattern Control Disc



    Part #DescriptionApprox. Output / Pattern At 24″Number Drill SizeCleanout Drill Size
    PSG9001-13Module, Mix, Round Pattern1.25 – 2 Lbs./Min.800.0135
    PSG9003-20PCD, Round Pattern, .0204″ – 6″760.02
    PSG9001-13Module, Mix, Round Pattern1.5 – 2.5 Lbs./Min.800.0135
    PSG9004-24PCD, Round Pattern, .0246″ – 10″730.024
    See Note BelowModule, Mix, Round Pattern2.5 – 4 Lbs./Min.760.02
    PSG9020-28PCD, Round Pattern, .0288″ – 12″700.028
    See Note BelowModule, Mix, Round Pattern4 – 6 Lbs./Min.700.028
    PSG9021-36PCD, Round Pattern, .03610″ – 12″640.036
    Module is Part # PSG9001-13 Drilled by customer to size shown.

    Fan Spray Pattern:
    Part #DescriptionApprox. Output / Pattern At 24″Number Drill SizeCleanout Drill Size
    PSG9002-13Module, Mix, Fan Pattern1.25 – 2 Lbs./Min.800.0135
    PSG9005PCD, Fan Pattern,6″ – 7″Do Not Drill 
    PSG9006PCD, Fan Pattern,7″ – 8″Do Not Drill

    Flow rates and pattern width is approximate, and will vary depending on material viscosity, temperature, and pressure.

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